What are Super Lice?

Having a regular lice infestation is bad enough. Lice spread so easily from one person to another, simply by having head to head contact, sharing hats, hairbrushes or just sitting on the same sofa. There are a number of different over the counter products which are used to treat lice, many of which contain harmful chemicals.

However, a new strain of lice has been discovered which is resistant to a lot of the treatment that is available. This strain of lice is known as super lice, or mutant lice. While the name in itself is enough to spark panic in anybody, it does not mean that the lice or larger or more dangerous, but rather simply that the lice has mutated to become resistant to regular treatment. This lice strain has been discovered in over 25 US states, and is rapidly spreading through the United States and Canada as well, with over 97% of all lice outbreaks in Canada now being attributed to super lice.

The reason for that these super lice have come about is due to the evolution of the species. People have been treating lice with the same chemicals and the same products for years and years. The lice have adapted to these treatments and a new strain has developed which has become resistant to the chemical ingredients and can survive a regular, over the counter lice treatment.

The easiest way to deal with having a super lice infestation is to treat the problem before it even occurs. Check your child’s hair regularly for lice. Wash all linen, sheets and towels with boiling hot water. Instruct your child to not share a hair brush, comb or hat at school and make sure their hair is tied up.

If your child has a super lice infestation and cannot be treated using over the counter products, you will have to find another method of dealing with the issue. Each louse will have to be carefully removed from your child’s hair one by one, and each nit will have to be carefully removed as well to prevent re-infestation. Your child’s hair will have to be checked every single day after the initial treatment to insure that the problem has been resolved completely.