Lice Removal and Treatment Loveland

From Madness to Magic

Finding lice on a child’s head makes most moms panic. Lice can be harmless in the short term as long as it is addressed in time. The faster you get rid of them, the better. Other than crazy itching and feeling of “ickiness”, lice also has a stigma attached it. The guilt and embarrassment can be difficult to deal with if lice show up in your hair during a party or a get-together.

But, we can help!

Lice Magic LLC Loveland, a locally owned and operated mobile lice removal salon service can come to your rescue the same day. Self- treatment of lice is not a good idea. For one, lice are nearly impossible to spot and they can be anywhere. If one person is spotted with an infestation, most likely the entire house is so too. Lice can survive submersion in water (that’s why swimming and showers don’t kill them) and have become resistant to most OTC available in the market over time.

If you factor in the cost and hassle of self-treatment and include the cost of missed work and school and compare it with one-day treatment of Magic Lice for the entire family, you will always come out ahead.

How we treat lice at Lice Magic Loveland

Our trained technician will visit you at your home and check the household for infestation through a “wet test”. Once confirmed, they will treat everyone who is infected at the same time to prevent passing lice back and forth. Next, they will wash and dry your hair and do a final check for any nits.

They will educate you side by side and keep you abreast with the entire procedure. They will show you what nits, nymph and lice look like as part of our drive to counter lice outbreak in the future. Our team will also educate you on washing bedding, clothing and other items to kill lice that may have come off on them.

They will also isolate and quarantine all necessary sources and items. We also use all natural and chemical free oils and enzymes and our staff is fully trained and extremely courteous. With such huge success and a satisfaction guarantee, plus a safe, fast, and effective treatment, there really is only one place to go for all your head lice removal needs!

At LiceMagic, we value your privacy and will keep our lice issue discrete and confidential.  Make you life magical again and free of lce with just one call! Pick up you phone and call 303-642-0749 or 720-838-3369 today.

About Loveland

Second most populous municipality in Larimer County, Colorado, Loveland is located 46 miles north of Colorado State Capitol in Denver. Population estimated at 66, 859 during the 2010 US Census, Loveland is the 14th most populous city in Colorado. The city was founded in 1866, as a result of the newly constructed line of the Colorado Central Railroad and was named in the honor of Willaim A. H. Loveland, the president of Colorado Central Railroad.