Lice Removal Lone Tree CO

Lice are an extremely difficult problem that families all across the country face. Lice can make it difficult for families to go to work, school, or other public places, and figuring out how to fix it is often even more frustrating. Lice treatments can take weeks to undergo and require families to constantly make trips to lice salons. Underscoring the time and effort, these treatments often cost huge amounts of money, causing most families to struggle to pay for them. Fortunately, Lice Magic offers families in the Glendale area a safe, easy, and affordable way to solve lice. Start by calling 303-642-0749 or 720-838-3369.

Lice Magic is a locally owned company in Colorado, dedicated to helping families throughout the state with their lice problems. One of the best features of Lice Magic is that it does not require you to bring your family back and forth to a lice salon because Lice Magic is a mobile company. Lice Magic’s professionals travel to your home, giving you convenience and privacy. Your entire family will be treated in one session (no repeat visits required), educated on how to prevent future lice infestations, and be informed about every step of the process by our technicians. Lice Magic’s technicians will treat your family with natural enzymes and oils, ensuring complete safety.

A Lice Magic appointment occurs in four basic steps. First, the technicians begin by discussing every step of the process in order to ensure that you understand every part of the treatment. They will also discuss with you clothes that you should wash and cleaning that you should do, which serves to protect you from further lice problems. Secondly, the technicians soak everyone’s hair in order to check every member of the family, because one family member having less likely means that others do. Third, All-natural oils and enzymes are used to kill lice and lice offspring, followed by the technician using a special comb to remove lice and eggs. You will then be showed what they look like, so you can identify them yourself in your future. Finally, everyone’s hair will be washed and dried, and the technician will perform a second check, so he can confirm that every family member is lice free.

Why use Lice Magic for Lice Removal in Lone Tree?

  • 99% success rate
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • No dangerous chemicals
  • Friendly and informed technicians
  • Lice treatment that is effective and private
  • Treatment for every member of the family

About Lone Tree

Located on the edge of Highway 25, the city of Lone Tree is a spectacle to visit. With amazing views of the Front Range, and a small tight knit community, Lone Tree is really the perfect city to raise a family in.