Mobile Lice Removal and Treatment in Highlands Ranch, CO, from Lice Magic

Figuring how to end a lice problem is extremely difficult. Lice on their own are already difficult and annoying, and searching for the solution only adds to the struggle of lice. Families across the country run into all kinds of problems when looking for their solution: often, the costs of services are time, or the treatment may require weeks to complete, including several trips for the entire family to a lice salon, and despite all of this effort, the treatment may not even be very effective. Fortunately, the residents of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, have a solution: Lice Magic, a locally-owned Colorado company.

High-quality and affordable lice treatment is what Lice Magic dedicates itself to. Lice Magic has a success rate of 99% and guarantees satisfaction. The Lice Magic process involves friendly technicians who explain the process to you and answer every question you have. Plus, the even teach you how to protect against future infestations. Rather than weeks at a lice salon, Lice Magic comes straight to your home and only needs one day (no repeat visits). Also, you do not have to worry about harsh or dangerous chemicals being used because Lice Magic only employs natural ingredients. To get more information and begin with Lice Magic, call 303-642-0749 or 720-838-3369.

The Lice Magic procedure takes place in four steps:

1. The technicians begins every appointment with discussions. He or she discusses things like what clothes to wash, what cleaning to do, how to prevent any more infestations, and he explains every part of the process along with answering any questions that you have.
2. A hair check must be performed, so the technicians soaks everyone’s hair and proceeds to do the checks. Every member of the household must be checked.
3. The lice and eggs are removed by, first, using natural oils and enzymes to kill them and, then, using a special comb to remove them. To allow you to identify them yourself in the future, the technician will show what the bugs and eggs look like.
4. The technician will check everyone’s again to ensure that the lice are gone.

Why Choose Lice Magic for Lice Removal and Treatment?

  • No dangerous chemicals
  • Technicians who can inform and educate you and answer questions
  • Treatment in your home that is effective
  • Only one appointment needed

About Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, began as a Native American settlement along the Colorado Front Range and was later settled as ranch land and started to gain prominence during the gold rush. It later evolved into a Denver suburb and is currently home to over 96,000 people. Much like many cities in the Front Range, Highlands Ranch was another gold mining town along the gold rich Rockies. However, the area was engulfed by the ever expanding city of Denver, and today Highlands Ranch is one of the nicest suburbs supplying the city. With just under 100,000 residents, this community has earned the nickname of the bedroom neighborhood of Denver due to amount of commuters from its limits to Denver.