Mobile Lice Removal and Treatment in Henderson, CO

Lice are a huge problem for families across America and get in the way of a family’s everyday life. To add to the frustration, finding treatment for lice can be just as difficult because lice treatments often are expensive, requires weeks to do, force you to regularly bring your entire family to a lice salon, and might not be very effective. Lice Magic offers the answer to these problems and allows you to get your family’s lives back to normal. To start, call us at 303-642-0749 or 720-838-3369.

Lice magic dedicates itself to producing the best quality lice removal and to helping families who need help with lice. Lice Magic provides you with lice removal and treatment that is affordable, effective, fast, and convenient. Instead of weeks of your time, Lice Magic only requires one day to make your household lice free, without requiring trips to a lice salon because Lice Magic comes to your house. Furthermore, you will be educated on how to prevent lice infestations in the future by our informative professionals, who will also answer any questions and help you understand everything that is happening.

Appointments with Lice Magic take place in four steps. To begin the appointment, the technician will discuss with you several items: every part of the process, clothes that need to be washed, cleaning that needs to be done, and how to avoid further lice problems. Before the process starts, the technician assures that you understand everything about the treatment. Next, the technician will soak everyone’s hair, so he can then do a hair check. It is important that every member of the household be checked because one household member having lice means that it is likely that someone else does. Third, the technician uses all natural and safe oils and enzymes (not harsh, dangerous chemicals) to kill and detach lice and eggs, so they can be removed with a special comb. He or she will show what the lice and eggs like, so you can recognize them yourself in the future. Finally, he does a second check of everybody. This guarantees that your family is lice free. The Lice Magic process has a 99% success rate.

Why Use Lice Magic for Lice Removal and Treatment in Henderson?

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Every household member treated
  • Informative technicians to explain the process and answer questions
  • No repeat visits
  • Fast, effective, and convenient

About Henderson

Henderson, Colorado, began as a ranch, trading post, and hotel in 1859 after being built by John D. Henderson. Henderson emerged as a popular spot for meat and other provisions by gold miners during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush and grew, overtime, into the first permanent settlement in South Platte River Valley (originally known as Henderson Island). Founded by Confederate General John D. Henderson, this now unincorporated community was established with a ranch, trading post and hotel during the Colorado gold rush. Since the decline of the gold rush, the town’s population has waned, and it is now home to a post office and the 110-year-old Henderson Congregation Church.