Greenwood Village

When confronted with a lice problem, few people know what to do. Available treatments seem unaffordable or too inconvenient due to weeks of treatment and going to salons. The difficulty of getting good treatment makes handling lice an incredibly frustrating process. However, Lice Magic, a locally-owned Colorado business, dedicates itself to making lice removal simple. Lice Magic has an affordable treatment plan that is both quick (it only takes one day) and effective (total live removal is guaranteed). Furthermore, you do not have to fret about how to get to a salon because Lice Magic comes to you. Call us at 303-642-0749 or 720-838-3369.

Lice Magic does a number of things to ensure that you receive the best care possible: Lice Magic comes to you, offering convenience and privacy; you will only need one appointment; instead of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals, Lice Magic uses safe and natural oils and enzymes; lastly, Lice Magic technicians are highly informative and will explain the process to you, answer questions, and educated you on preventing anymore infestations.

Here are the four steps that Lice Magic uses in every appointment:

1. Your appointment begins with education. The technician discusses what clothes need washing and what cleaning to do, preventing future lice problems. He or she, also, explains the process to you so that you understand what is necessary and why things are being done.
2. The technician will check everyone’s hair for lice, after soaking everybody’s hair. Every household member should be checked because one person having lice likely means that someone else does too.
3. Through the use of safe, natural oils and enzymes, the lice and eggs will killed and, then, removed with a special comb. You will be shown what the lice eggs look like to give you the ability to recognize them yourself.
4. To guarantee that the lice are completely gone, the technician will do a second check on everybody’s hair.

Why use Lice Magic?

  • 99% success rate
  • Private, fast, effective treatment in your home
  • Education on preventing future problems
  • Friendly and informative technicians
  • The entire family treated

About Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village is a town in Colorado with a population of around 14,000 and, being a part of the Denver Technological Center, features several companies based out of it, such as Red Robin and American Medical Response.