Mobile Lice Removal and Treatment in Greeley, CO, at Lice Magic

One of the most frustrating problems that families can face is a lice infestation. Lice make everyday more difficult for the entire family. It becomes more difficult for parents to go to work, for kids to go to school, to go grocery shopping or visit friends. To add to the great frustration of lice infestation is the difficulty of treating it. Many families cannot find the money or time necessary to go to salons constantly for weeks. Even worse, these expensive, time-consuming treatments are often not effective. That is why Lice Magic provides convenient, affordable, and effective.

Lice Magic is available in the Greeley, Colorado, area to help families with their lice problems. Lice Magic employs highly trained and friendly staff who help you remove lice and learn how to prevent lice problems in the future. Customers of Lice Magic need not worry about time or transport because Lice Magic Comes to your house and only needs one day. Lice Magic is dedicated to solving your lice problems while being informative and safe. You do not have to worry about dangerous chemicals because we use all-natural ingredients. To found out how we can help you call us at 303-642-0749 or 720-838-3369.

Lice Magic appointments use four simple steps to solve your lice problem:

1. The technicians start by explaining the process to you and answering any questions in order to ensure that you comprehend everything that he or she will do. He or she will also discuss with you how to prevent future infestations by looking at necessary cleaning to be done and clothes to be washed.
2. After having soaked everyone’s hair, the technician will proceed to perform a hair check of every member of the household. If one person has lice, it is very likely that other household members do.
3. The lice and eggs will be killed using natural oils and enzymes, followed by the technician using a special comb to remove them. Then, he or she will show what the lice and eggs look like, so you can identify them yourself in the future.
4. Everyone’s hair will be checked a second time to ensure that the lice are gone.

Why Should You Use Lice Magic for Lice Removal?

  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • Treatment in your own home that is fast and effective
  • Informative professionals
  • Treatment for everyone in the family

About Greeley

Greeley is a city in Colorado, the state’s 12th most populous city with upwards of 98,000 residents. Greeley was named after New-York Tribune editor Horace Greeley and originally founded as an experimental utopian community. Governor Benjamin H. Eaton officially declared it a city in 1886. The town motto is ‘The Exact Opposite of Hawaii’, and this speaks to the harsh winters that the people of Greeley survive every year. With the Greeley air force base just outside the town limits, this town of just under 100,000 is the gateway to the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.