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Lice can be a nasty problem that’s very time consuming to get rid of and often reoccurs in the home. Lice Magic offers you an at home solution by coming to your home and delousing all your household members in one go. Our solution is well known throughout the Colorado area and will get rid of your lice problem right away. Our team of professionals will come right to your home in Evergreen for lice removal.

Give us a call now on 303-642-0749 or 720-838-3369 to book an appointment for your lice removal today. Our professionally trained staff will keep your issues confidential. Our products are quality tested and contain no harmful chemical substances. They are suitable for use for the whole family and contain no environmentally harmful products, only natural approved ingredients. Our team is well trained and we know how frustrating a lice infestation can be. That is why we offer a once off service, where all the lice will be removed first time around and there will be no need to call us again. Call Lice Magic in the Evergreen area to rid you of lice once and for all.

Why use the Professional Lice Magic service in Evergreen?

  • 99% success rate for the removal of all lice
  • All our products contain only natural ingredients
  • Get rid of lice the first time around by our professional trained lice removal staff
  • Efficient and effective lice treatment in your own home
  • Book one appointment for your entire family and household
  • Our team are highly qualified to deal with all queries and concerns regarding the treatment

About Evergreen
Evergreen is a picturesque small town in Colorado. The town is surrounded by thousands of acres of natural forests and is an ideal vacation for someone who is looking to relax out in nature. The small town of 10,000 residents offers a few historical buildings for tourists to visits. They are known for their hospitality and are a very welcoming and accommodating community.