Call 303-642-0749 – Professional Mobile Lice Removal & Treatment for Englewood

Do you have a lice problem at home and no time to deal with it? Are you on the move all day and can’t look after the infestation right at home? We have the solution for your. Lice Magic has a team of trained professional lice removers who will come to your home and sort out your lice problems for you. With our on call lice removal unit, we will come to your home in the city of Englewood.

If this is a service you need, just call us on 303-642-0749 or 720-838-3369 and we will come right to your assistance. Our team will keep your issues confidential, and we are professional trained. We have certified products that contain no harmful ingredients and are safe to use on your family. The products are extensively tested and are approved to be environmentally safe. Lice infestation can be extremely frustrating, however our team are trained to remove the issue the first time around. We will ensure that you will not need a repeat treatment and keep your household lice free. Magic Lice is the answer you have been looking for, for all your infestation issues and concerns.

Why use the Lice Magic team of professionals for your lice removal in Englewood?

  • 99% success rate for lice removal
  • All our products contain natural ingredients
  • Our staff are all professionally trained and will rid your lice problem the first time around
  • Lice removal treatment in your own home that is quick and effective
  • We will treat your entire family in one appointment
  • Any questions you may have about your lice infestation will be answered by our trained professional team


About Englewood

Englewood is a medium sized town in the state of Colorado. It currently holds a population of around 31,000 people and is the fourth most populous town in the Arapahoe County of Colorado. It was first founded in 1858 when gold was discovered on one of the banks. It is still running as a fully serviced town with a home rule municipality.