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Why use Lice Magic LLC for Lice Removal in Denver?

Lice removal and treatment in Denver is our expertise. Do you need help with head lice removal and treatment in Denver? If so, we can help! Lice Magic is a locally owned and operated lice removal salon that comes to you! We provide urgent care head lice removal for children and adults for the Denver Co area in the comfort of your very own home, allowing you the convenience of dealing with your lice problem privately, rather than having to drag everyone to an outside salon.

Our head lice treatment for Denver uses safe, all-natural oils and enzymes, instead of harsh, dangerous chemicals. Our fully trained technicians will talk you through every step of the process and train you in lice prevention so you never have to worry about it again! Better yet, our services take only one day of your time, rather than several weeks, and we are available throughout Denver and the surrounding area!

Call 720-838-3369 for more information! We have trained professionals available to answer your questions and make arrangements for your head lice removal appointment.

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For Safe and Natural Lice Removal, Lice Magic provides:

  • Safe, all-natural products and trained professionals
  • Fast, effective, and confidential head lice treatment in your own home for your whole family
  • Professional knowledge about what actually needs to be done so you don’t get lost in the sea of misinformation out there
  • Training on the prevention of further lice infestations so you don’t have to worry ever again, including information on the cleaning you need to do in your home to insure the lice are completely gone and you are free to enjoy Denver, CO once again lice free!

The Basic Steps of Our Head Lice Removal Services in Denver

1. When we arrive at your home, we explain every step we use to eliminate your family’s head lice.  We will also provide information about washing clothes and cleaning other items that might have lice so that you can eliminate this problem permanently.
2. The technician will do a “wet” hair check on each member of your family to determine who has lice. Every member of your household, including frequent visitors such as nannies, housekeepers, and extended family members, should be checked for lice also because when one member has lice, it is likely that others do too.
3. Then, with the help of all natural oils and enzymes that help detach and kill lice and its offspring, our technician will use a special comb to remove the bugs and eggs.  As part of your lice prevention education, we will show you exactly what is being found so that you can identify lice, nits (eggs), and nymphs (juvenile lice) for yourself.
4. After the lice removal treatment, the technician will wash and dry everyone’s hair and do a strand by strand check, removing any remaining nits (eggs) from the hair.

Lice Magic LLC mobile lice salon has a striking 99% success rate! With such huge success and a satisfaction guarantee, plus a safe, fast, and effective treatment, there really is only one place to go for all your head lice removal needs!