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Lice Magic is the premiere company for treating lice in the Arvada, CO area. If you are a victim of lice, then contact us to help you confidentially screen and treat you family for head lice. Lice Magic is a lice treatment salon located in Black Hawk, Colorado that offers in-home treatment for your family and education on prevention and removal of head lice and eggs.

Lice Magic – Mobile Lice Service and Salon for Arvada

What can you expect if you contact us for an at-home treatment? Lice Magic will send an urgent care head lice treatment specialist to your home. Upon arrival the specialist will explain the procedure in a step by step manner to make sure that you are comfortable with the procedure. The staff member will search your head, your family’s heads, and the heads any frequent household guests such as nannies, housekeepers, or cooks for the presence of lice or eggs.

If lice is found, treatment will include treatment using all natural products that will kill the lice, eggs, and any adolescent lice. This process will be complete in one day instead of the weeks that other products require, saving you time and allowing you to return to your everyday life. Thorough combing using special combs will remove the head lice, but that isn’t the end of our services. We will also encourage you to clean various parts of your home like clothes and pillowcases to make sure to end the infestation.
We also offer education opportunities post treatment to learn about preventing future infestations. Lice Magic knows the difference between the conflicting online articles and information and the true facts about lice and eggs. We can help you debug some of the confusing information to make sure that you are fully prepared to tackle the lice infestations you face and prevent them from even happening.

If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for your head lice removal needs at 303.640.0749 or 720.838.3369.

About Avarda

The location of Arvada, CO was originally discovered in the 1850s during the gold rush when Lewis Ralston found gold in Clear Creek. Arvada, CO was officially founded in 1870 when Benjamin Wadsworth began the first post office. The city developed under agricultural development and at one point in time was given the title of “Celery Capital of the World.” Living in Arvada allows residents a rich community history and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy fishing and winding trails.