Treating Super Lice

Super Lice are a new form of lice that have become resistant to the classic over-the-counter treatments that are available in the United States.

These “super lice” are a new threat to those suffering from lice and they are hard to get rid of via conventional means. Repeated treatments could be required, but can be painful to those receiving the treatments, especially young children.

Until recently, over-the-counter medications, and even home remedies, were believed to be effective in combating head lice, but the study by Kyong S. Yoon, with Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, indicated that 109 samples of head lice collected from 30 states (including Texas) carried genes that made them resistant to OTC medications.  Read more at

Unfortunately, with the rise of super lice comes a new assortment of frustrating circumstances.  Because the over-the-counter treatments are proving no longer effective against combating these lice, costs are soaring for parents who provide treatments to their children.  And because these treatments often require multiple applications, students are kept out of school and parents have to take time off of work, costing even more money.  It is recommended that parents seek out professional care when it comes to lice infestations so that the children don’t have to suffer through an arduous and toxic process of ridding lice over a long period of time.

Parents should turn to physicians first instead of trying to treat their children themselves with over-the-counter products, said report lead author Dr. Ellen Koch. She’s a dermatologist with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Via

Over-the-counter lice treatment medications can be harmful to you and your loved ones.  They are often loaded with chemicals and pesticides and can be very toxic.  At Lice Magic, our lice removal experts use only pesticide free, natural treatments to eradicate lice and lice infestations, even super lice.



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