Facts about Lice

If you have ever experienced head lice, then you will know that it is not fun!  The article below explains why.

Head Lice

The head louse is a tiny, wingless parasitic insect that lives among human hairs and feeds on tiny amounts of blood drawn from the scalp. Lice (the plural of louse) are a very common problem, especially for kids. They’re contagious, annoying, and sometimes tough to get rid of.


But while they’re frustrating to deal with, lice aren’t dangerous. They don’t spread disease, although their bites can make a child’s scalp itchy and irritated, and scratching can lead to infection.

It’s best to treat head lice quickly once they’re found because they can spread easily from person to person.

Although they’re very small, lice can be seen by the naked eye. Here are things to look for:

Be sure to check out http://www.medicinenet.com/head_lice/article.htm

Many of our clients are happy to get lice out of their lives so they can live peacefully without having to worry about bugs or getting debugged. What many people do not realize is that lice are also a big healthy concern. They can pose quite a few problems for anyone who has been infested with these little bugs. In fact, this is why when and if you do find lice that you need to contact a professional who can help you right away.

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