Lice and Summer Camps

No that it’s Summer, lice are definitely on the move! We thought you would enjoy this article from NJ on tips to keep lice away. Summer’s are meant to be fun, not full of lice. Take a moment to read the tips they share!

How to Keep Lice Away at Summer Camp – Westfield NJ Patch While school is winding down and you are preparing your kids for summer the last thing you are thinking about is: head lice.

Summer is such an exciting time of year. As parents we make sure our children have summer clothes that fit, bathing suits, bug spray and sunscreen, but we never think about lice. Lice are an all year problem but more prevalent in the summer because we are all so much more social during the warmer months. Michele Barrack the owner of Lice Lifters franchising company knows there are ways to prevent those creepy crawlers from ruining your summer. Children are just more active in the summer; there are more play dates, sleep overs, day camps, and overnight camps. Michele Barrack, the owner of 2 of the 14 Lice Lifters around the country, feels the best way to keep lice away before the summer is to get a lice head check, pull hair back in a tight bun or ponytail and to spray Lice Lifters Mint Spray on the hair every day. Head lice do not like the smell of mint; Lice Lifters Mint Spray is also a detangler.

In another recent story, we see more tips on as to how to keep lice from coming home with you after summer camp. Take a moment to read the question and answer section and tips you can follow at home to help prevent a lice infestation.

Keep lice from hitchhiking home from camp | People’s Pharmacy | Q • I have battled head lice with my daughter for more than three years. She keeps getting them over and over. None of the medicines that I have used are working. Please help!

A • We have heard from many parents that head lice have become resistant to some OTC drugstore treatments. With summer camp approaching and increased exposure, children will be more vulnerable than usual.

Although home remedies are rarely tested in a scientific manner, many desperate parents have reported success suffocating the lice with mayonnaise or Cetaphil cleanser. One mother wrote: “I coated my daughters’ hair with lots of mayo, wrapped the hair in plastic wrap and put shower caps on them. In an hour, I took the hair down, washed it with dish soap (great to get rid of the oil), combed out the bugs and repeated these steps until the hair was clean. No more lice!”

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