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Situations like these are very common, unfortunately. For those with head lice, it can be puzzling, especially when lice is not addressed in a timely manner. If you are in the Colorado area and you are dealing with lice, give us a call at 303-642-0749.

DENNISVILLE – Beset by what is claimed to be a recurring problem at her daughter’s middle school, Lauren McGowan is scratching her head; not because of the lice that are at issue. During the school year McGowan’s 13-year-old daughter has been absent nearly three weeks. This was, McGowan contends, the result of six separate lice incidents in a three-month span originating from Dennis Township Middle School. The McGowans want to know why no notice was given to parents.


Superintendent Mark Miller, of the Dennis Township school system, reported no knowledge of a lice problem when questioned by the Herald. Miller stated that any incidents involving students that may have occurred were not resulting from attendance at the school.


The Culprit Classified as a parasite, head lice are more commonly found on females. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that lice affect 6 to 12 million people annually. Girl’s Head Lice Has Mom Puzzled, School District Unaware of Problem – Cape May County Herald: Health & Wellness

So, what was the issue? It looks like that the lice problem was not reported, which can lead to greater problems. Read on:

The problem may have begun as far back as October or November when a son of one of McGowan’s friends reported having lice. The mother (who wished to remain anonymous) claimed that the school nurse verified the infestation but did not send the child home. Up to three other children, according to this mother, also had lice during this incident.

After several run-ins with the parasite, McGowan called the school to inform them what her daughter was experiencing in the hopes of getting the word out to other parents as well as prodding the school to act.

McGowan claimed a school nurse told her that random inspections were no longer done unless close contact was known to have occurred. Read more here:

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