Can You Get De-Bugged?

Most people understand the basics of nits or lice infestation, but how do actually become infested? Is it possible to prevent lice?

Lice can be effectively removed and just because you got them, it doesn’t indicate that you are unclean. It could’ve been anyone else. Lice can be treated by nightly combing sessions and special hair shampoos and creams. You can feel assured that head lice, in contrast to body lice, do not transmit diseases.

It is very simple to contract lice and you can get infested almost anywhere. Lice don’t jump or fly, but they can crawl from head to head when you are in close contact with another. You can get easily get lice from embracing a friend or telling a secret.

You can also get nits from sharing brushes and hair accessories. Also be sure to keep coats, towels, scarves, earbuds, helmets and hats personal. Make sure your child has his own sports gear. Warning your kids about keeping personal items personal will save you hassle, time and money. To keep lice from spreading and returning, every member of the family should wash and dry or change their linen. Towels and clothing should be washed and dried as well. Once completed, vacuum furniture and anything that may have come in contact with a family member’s head. Once the lice are removed from the scalp and there is no trace left in the house, you have a good chance of staying lice free.

You can keep brushes and combs as long as you soak them in ten percent beach and two percent Lysol for around an hour. Make sure the water is hot and do not use pet flea shampoo. It won’t do very much and they aren’t so safe for children either. also offers a guarantee for our services! Call us today!

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