The Solution to a Pesky Lice Problem

Lice are a common problem, especially for parents with young children in preschool or elementary. Lice are very hard to deal with, but fortunately, it is possible to take steps to prevent them from residing in your child’s hair. This is why many people trust LiceMagic for their lice removal!

The first step to take would be to ensure that your children are not sharing their hair brushes, hairbands, ponytails or any other hair products or accessories. It is also important to not share hats, helmets, scarves, towels and earbuds. This is called debugging.

Everyone should teach their children, especially when you have knowledge of infestation in school, to avoid very close contact. Even though you want your children to be social and have close relationships, you should also teach them to exercise caution when they feel that they are getting too close. Being friends doesn’t have to include butting heads. If you can speak to the school, you might want to request that the children don’t sit too closely by circle time and that coats are hung with a fair amount of space around.

The first step to prevention is awareness. Know what to look for when you check your child’s hair and act immediately if your child is complaining of severe itchiness. Sometimes, it may take up to six weeks for a child to begin complaining of mild symptoms, but if they do complain, know what steps to take. Firstly, pull your child out of school until they have been declared lice free. Look into your child’s for sesame sized white nits and their eggs attached at the roots. You can also search for lice on your child’s clothing.

Once educated on the topic of lice you will be able to prevent, recognize and treat this problem. You will feel good that you are able to keep your children lice free and you will save yourself lots of hassle, because treating lice is tricky. Contact LiceMagic today!

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