Lice – A tricky problem!

Lice or nits are an extremely tricky problem. One can contract lice from furniture, cars, pillows and almost anywhere else. Some wonder if you can also catch them while swimming. Though it might be possible, it is only as risky as doing any other activity with someone who is infested. The greatest risk of swimming is really sharing towels. Head louse don’t fly or jump, but they can crawl from one head to the next while you are busy sharing a secret or sitting next to a friend or stranger on the bus.
Sometimes, a whole school or an entire household can be infested.

How is it possible for you deal with lice when it spreads so rapidly and is present all around? Though totally eliminating nits it is a tough challenge, it is possible to remove lice from everyone and keep them away long term. To treat lice at school or in your household, you must ensure that everyone stays very separate. All children infested at school should be sent home until they are confirmed to be lice free by someone who is registered to do so. In the household, you should also make sure everyone uses separate linen and towels. Though it may seem a little out of the box, it might also be helpful to wear bathing caps until you have combed everyone’s hair thoroughly. This is especially crucial if some people in the house haven’t been affected yet.

Though some members of the family or school may not seem to have lice, you should part their hair and look carefully, because they might have just a few that will multiply exponentially. It is much easier to check before, as very many nits are hard to remove and will, in many cases, require professional assistance. After you fully remove the lice, you might want to vacuum your furniture and wash your bedding. Though the lice are in no condition to crawl back onto your head, as they have probably died by then with no source of blood, no one wants dead parasites on their couch. In fact, many people who have lice are hard pressed to find a real solution. See our next blog post:

Experts used to warn people to bag their stuffed animals, however, it is no longer deemed necessary, as we are now clear those lice cannot survive without human blood. If you are still unsure, you might decide to vacuum them or place them in the dryer. A louse cannot survive the intense heat.

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