Signs Of Lice

Signs of Lice

Lice are a very annoying and embarrassing factor to deal with. They bite and cause a lot of irritation very quickly. Lice lay their eggs, which they wrap around human hair. They love to plant themselves on a human head because it is the ideal temperature for keeping the eggs warm until they hatch. Lice survive by feeding on small amounts of blood they remove from the scalp. Once removed head, lice die within a couple of days. However, they are hard to remove because they keep a very firm grip on the hair.

This is where we come in.

What is The Most Common Way Children Get Lice?

Many children contract lice in school and parents find themselves at a loss as to what to do. Removing lice can be tricky, but if done correctly, your child will be lice free and ready to go. If your child develops a rash, is scratching their head excessively or is complaining of itching, you might want to part your child’s hair and take a closer look. Though lice can be viewed with the naked eye, it might be helpful to use a magnifying glass so you can spot them easier.

When looking for signs of lice, search around the ears, back of the neck and although it is rare, lice can also be found on eyelashes or eyebrows. Fully grown lice are only the size of sesame seeds and are a light shade of gray or tan. When lice eggs hatch, they grow until they are mature at about one to two weeks. If lice are not removed as soon as they are discovered, scratching can lead to infection. Signs of infection from lice include swollen lymph glands and tender skin.

If you discover lice in yours or your child’s hair, call Lice Magic immediately. We can help!

Your Questions Answered about Lice Infestations

Most people understand the basics of nits or lice infestation, but how do you actually become infested? Is it possible to prevent getting bugged for good?

Lice can be effectively removed with our service and just because you got them, it doesn’t indicate that you are “unclean”. It can happen to anyone.

It is very simple to contract lice and you can get infested almost anywhere. Lice don’t jump or fly, but they can crawl from head to head when you are in close contact with another. You can get easily get lice from embracing a friend or from even telling a secret.

You can also get nits from sharing brushes and hair accessories. To prevent lice infestations, be sure to keep coats, towels, scarves, earbuds, helmets and hats personal. Also, make sure your child has his own sports gear. In addition, warning your kids about keeping personal items personal will save you hassle, time and money.

To keep lice from spreading and returning, every member of the family should wash and dry or change their linen. Towels and clothing should be washed and dried as well. Once completed, vacuum furniture and anything that may have come in contact with a family member’s head. Once the lice are removed from the scalp and there is no trace left in your house, you have a good chance of staying lice free.

You can keep your brushes and combs as long as you soak them in ten percent beach and two percent Lysol for around an hour. Make sure the water is hot and do not use pet flea shampoo. Need more help? Call us at 303-642-0749 today! We are always here to help!!

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